Comment gagner une fortune en travaillant en freelance ?

Comment gagner une fortune en travaillant en freelance ?
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Bonjour à tous, une dame vous propose un coaching très prisé pour monter sa propre affaire sur le web ! Elle vous guide pas à pas via des webinaires particuliers et vous montre comment on surmonte les échecs pour se créer un empire sur le web !

Bref, son coaching est de toute beauté, vous pouvez y accéder en cliquant ici : 

Voici un post en anglais : Have you seen the “Freelancer’s Roadmap” yet?

Have you ever felt like the cards are just stacked against you when it comes to starting (or growing) your online business?

Julie Stoian knows a little something about that…  
I just watched the most amazing and inspiring presentation from Julie, where she shared her “freelancer’s roadmap” that took her from stay-at-home mom to earning over six-figures.  
If you’re a funnel hacker, I’m sure you probably already know a little bit about her…
She’s literally had so many obstacles thrown her way in life…
No job.
No insurance.  
No cushion or savings that she could turn to.  
So I always wondered how someone like Julie, who was dealt a crapstorm of obstacles as a single mom, turned things around and built a wildly successful business as a freelancer (and then an agency owner)…
So if you’re trying to get your online business off the ground and running…(especially if you have a service-based business idea)
Or, if you want to start your own online business, but you don’t have a product just yet…
Or, even if you’re thinking of dipping your toes into the service-based industry to see what this “freelancer” thing is all about, but aren’t bringing in projects or clients quite yet…
You NEED to watch and listen to Julie’s very important message for you… (it’s totally free to watch)
She walks you through the “freelancer’s roadmap” that took her from stay-at-home mom to six-figure freelancer in just a few years. 
Here’s the link to where I found her free presentation →  
Benoit Dubuisson 

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