Un nouveau cadeau de vos anges gardiens !

Un nouveau cadeau de vos anges gardiens !
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Bonjour à tous, votre ange gardien vous offre un bracelet magnétique et porte bonheur d’une valeur de 40$ pour éliminer vos cauchemars, vos peines et vos doutes !

Il est à garder précieusement puisque les anges n’offrent pas n’importe quoi !

Cliquez ici : https://a217ezrhnioycu2xqer4o9r3tw.hop.clickbank.net/ 

Et voici un post en anglais :

Dear {!firstname_fix},
This is your Guardian Angel speaking.
I know…
You may not have realized I’ve been there, this whole time, watching over you…
But I have. <3
I was there the day you were born, the moment you first opened your eyes…
When you took your first wobbly steps…
The day you first learned to drive a car.
I’ve watched you every step of the way, and I want you to know, I am SO proud of you.
You have dealt with some huge challenges during your lifetime so far…
And you have an amazing amount of courage and bounce-backness (is that a word? Oh, well it is now 😉
The reason I’m writing you today is because our connection is so important…
And I would LOVE to be connected with you even closer.
There is a way that we can do that, and surprisingly, it actually comes in a brown paper box (!)
I feel it is so important for you to have one of these today, I went ahead and paid the shipping on it for you.
Hope that is O.K.
Please open this box now and let me know if they can send what’s inside to you today:
Box Image Here

If so, I’ll make sure they don’t charge you any shipping at all…

And I will look forward to the day you put this on, so we can communicate (in both thoughts and feelings) every single day.
Being close to you and staying by your side at all times is my greatest wish, {!firstname_fix}.
Can you help me make sure we are never separated?
Much Love,
Your Guardian Angel

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