Comment un homme s’amourache et et aime une femme ?

Comment un homme s’amourache et et aime une femme ?
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Bonjour à tous, cet article s’adresse aux femmes pour qu’elles comprennent comment un homme s’éprend du sexe opposé ! Quels sont ses motivations , ses  attitudes , son envie d’aimer et son but pour se mettre en couple ?

Stendhal parlait de cristallisation de l’amour c’est-à-dire que cela revient sans cesse et vous vous sentez souvent inapte à faire le premier pas ! Comment deviner les pensées d’un homme lorsqu’il vous aime et vous désire, la question est là !

Je vous propose de le voir de plus près dans ce cours :

Et voici un post pour les anglophones :

These 3 questions change how he sees you

Hi },

If you want to know what makes a man FALL in love
and STAY in love…

You need to ask these 3 harmless questions:

=> These 3 questions change how he sees you :

Angel used these questions on a man she had just met at a bar…
just to see what would happen… and it led to him practically
begging her to to out with him a few minutes later!

Carmen texted these questions to a guy who had suddenly stopped
calling her 3 weeks before… which got him to ask her for one more chance
to go out with him… and soon after to be his girlfriend!

Amy asked these quesions to her husband who had been distant for years, focusing
more and more on his work and treating their marriage like an afterthought.

The day after she asked these questions, he surprised her by taking time off
work and booking a vacation for the two of them in Cancun… where they
renewed their wedding vows!

These harmless questions that you can ask ANY man will
have a powerful effect on him and trigger powerful emotions…

Emotions so powerful that he will banish any doubts about commitment
or thoughts of other women from his mind… and give him certainty that
you’re the only woman he wants to be with.

No matter if you have just met him, or he’s stopped calling, or if you have
been together for years and want him to notice you and make you feel special

This will change how he sees you.

No more ignoring you, dismissing you, or taking you for granted.

You are going to be the only thing on his romantic mind… all day long!

Ask him these harmless questions now:

=> These 3 questions change how he sees you :

I will chat to you again soon,

benoit Dubuisson 

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